Every Where I Walk Is Summer

The world keeps on spinning. Unstoppable Tomorrow. Come walk with me because "everywhere I walk is summer". Art, Life and Times...

Many things are coming up very quickly!  Januray 11th @ the Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco, Clean Water Action and Book and Job have teamed up to bring you an amazing holiday auction featuring myself, Christopher Burch and more TBA.  Proceeds will be going to help Clean Water Action fund its lobby efforts to help keep our water and public health policies strong from Coast 2 Coast.  Then also on Januray 11th I have work in a really beautiful group show at the LOAKL SPOKE ART GALLERY in Jack London Square near downtown Oakland.  And to top it all off, Saturday January 12th I have a big Installation Piece going in the big Shooting Gallery WInter Group Show!!! This, coinciding with the opening of D Young V’s new solo show will close out the old White Walls/Shooting Gallery spaces heading into there new complex accross the street.  Monumental things are happening for the Sheikh!  This is gonna be a big weekend.  IPD to the fullest all ways, and to the X Man Family!

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